Cardanospace Metadata generator

This small tool was created to help you generate your metadata for with a few easy input fields.

The following steps will be needed to put your image and info onto Cardanospace

  1. Upload an image with this website to upload to IPFS. Write down the generated Hash (starts with Q...). You can also use the hash of an existing NFT by getting the IPFS hash via
  2. Enter all your info on this page and generate the metadata below. Select it all and copy it to your clipboard.
  3. Go back to
  4. Paste your metadata into the input field at the bottom of the Cardanospace upload page and click "Upload metadata".
  5. You will then be provided with an ADA amount and a payment address.
    Important: You need to send the exact ADA amount AND all the cardanospace NFTs included in your metadata to that address, otherwise it will NOT work. You will receive back an ADA amount and your NFTs.
  6. Wait for 20-30 minutes for your image to appear on the website. Done 😻
  7. Ready? Let's do it!
Provide a comma-separated list of your cardano space coordinates (with or without dashes)
What URL would you like to use?
Leave empty if you don't want to provide a web site. Your Cardanospace will not link anywhere.
What text message should be displayed?
What is the hash identifier of your IPFS image? (See step 1 above)